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Trip to Bansalan

Our trip to Bansalan was a very memorable experience for me. A good way also to forget the very bad day I had last December 6, 2007.

It was actually my second time to visit the place. The first, we just stayed for a couple of hours to visit a nun celebrating her birthday back then when I was still working in the RVM Provincial House. Now the most recent one, we stayed for 2 days and 2 nights at Mona's House to celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

my friendsANG MGA LAAGAN: May, Me and Asvi

We left Davao City at around 5:30 in the evening and arrived to Bansalan at 8:00pm. The first night was so fun. We watched basketball game and rode a ferris wheel and horror train. I don't remember anymore at what age i rode a ferris wheel that's why the feeling was extremely exciting. We were all shouting as if we were little kids. And after that...of course as expected I vomited. I easily get dizzy but its still fine. While in the horror train, we were all laughing because it was never really frightening instead it was so funny and the smell of the railway was so bad. (Ang bantot talagaaaa!)

The second day and night was more fun.

We watched field demonstration. I was surprised because I wasn't thinking that Bansalan has many schools already. The sun was shining so bright that time, so as expected it was super hot but it didn't hinder me from watching because i just love to see children performing. Ang sarap talaga ng feeling everytime I see them. Super weird na nga ang naiisip ko kasi parang gustong-gusto ko ng magkaanak at magkapamilya. (Tama ba naman iyan? Graduating student, nag-iisip ng ganyan? Hehhehehe..).

In the evening, we watched the championship match for the basketball game. Super memorable kasi first time ko nakaexperience na may taong nagbigay ng warning shot, parang nasa pelikula ang mga pangyayari. Nagkagulo kasi sa gym azzz in trouble na talaga!. (Sinumbagay na ang mga players, coach ug mga other audience tapos ang mga naa sa general admission nanindog na. Firti na jud!) Good thing, naayos din. Involved people were forced to leave the gym. After that, we also rode the octupos. I really dare to do it kahit torture sa akoa tungod sa akong pagkadagaton. So what was the effect? I vomited twice. (Firti napud!) Almost 1am na kmi natapos.

It was just so tiring and at the same time fun. We also meet the friends of Mona and got the chance to bond with them. (Alam mo na kung anong klaseng bonding, siyempre - inuman at videoke. Hehehhehe). Hayyy...ang sarap pa sana but we have to leave at sunday morning kasi nga we still have lots of things to do.

Thanks again Mon ha, sa uulitin!


  1. I want to sometimes tour the Philippines, prang ang loser ko na di ko man lng maikot ang pinas where in fact its prettier than other countries.

    I'll soon visit Davao City, one of my closest friend was from there! :-)

  2. ei! :)

    kindly add my new blog..hehehe

    thanks ahead! :)

  3. @kai: hehehehe, thanks sa pagbisita sa blog ko. Gusto ko rin malibot muna ang Pilipinas bago ang ibang bansa (char! - Sana magkapera ako ng marami..ehhehehe)
    Maganda dito sa Davao..ehhehee

    @raphael gregor: O sige, link nko imo new blog..ipang-link pud akong tanan na blog ha..hehehehe

  4. how come kamo lang ang invited ila mona??char lng..hehehe nice weekend huh

  5. @kritix: tanan invited ila mona oi..ambot asa ka nga panghitaboa toh? heheheheh..birthday pud toh nimo oi..mao toh siya...

  6. bansalan is not just an ordinary town. its a place just waiting to be discovered for people who want peace. next time youll go there, visit balutakay area and experience how does it feel to be closer with nature.

    im from bansalan. i know it.



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