Christmas Wishes

December is the month we've all been waiting for. Not to mention the bonuses, the 13th month pay, the gifts, the vacation and others...

As for me, I am hoping and wishing that I will finally have these things this Christmas:

1. Computer - every IT student should have this. It has been almost 4 years where I am going to internet cafe's and to my friends and classmates' houses just to use their computer. And I tell you, its really really hard especially these days.

digital camera
2. Digital camera - simply because I both love to take pictures and be on the picture but the computer is still on top of the priorities.

3. Guitar - Oh how I missed playing a guitar. The last time I played a guitar was during the mass when we had our Retreat. If I can't buy a new guitar im hoping my old guitar will finally be fixed. It has been hanging on the wall (in our house) for 2 years now.

Any brand will do, as long as I have them. (Sighed)


  1. wow..pareho ta..unta naa n pud koy pc karon december..hopefully mkapalit ta...hehehhe

  2. mao probs man ka kay naa man pc imo palalab..ehhehehe niya groupmate pajud mo..ehheheheh

  3. gusto pud ko ana alms!...pero gitara gyud akoa!...hehe O-daijini!

  4. @didoy: diba naa man ka gitara? nindot gani au toh..ehhehehehe


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