UPDATED: Make Money Online from Smorty

Make Money Blog, Smorty
Just last month, I was able to withdraw a total of P10,000. All from the earnings I got from Smorty. Yeah, in more than a month (but not two months).

I'm so happy because through that money I was able to have a landline and internet connection at home now, was able to pay our bills ( light, water, and rent for our house), bought sack of rice and some groceries, treat my parents and brothers and was able to let my cousin (from Agusan) who went to our house two weeks ago borrowed money. And as for myself, I just bought a pearl of earrings which costs nearly a thousand. A better replacement to the P5-P10 worth of pearl earrings which I used to wear. Hehhehehehe.....I bought them because earrings look good on me, they create a certain angle in order for others to see my eyes (my beautiful eyes- Ahem!)

I was just blogging using the internet connection at school and sometimes in internet cafes. Hmmnn...I wonder what will my earnings be now that I am always online. I'm not really a good writer kahit basahin niyo pa mga blogs ko pero I like to blog. Blog about the things that interests me (parang passion ko na siya at hinahanap ko na rin, kaya nga addict).

I'm targeting to earn P20,000 next month or before my groupmate will get his computer so that I can finally have my own PC. I am just using it because of our thesis. I'm also considering of having my own domain sometime soon. Wish me luck! 

***UPDATE: I have posted an image as a proof of my earnings from Smorty.


  1. hmmmm.. i wish i also have 8 blogs with PR 3 each.. hehehe... yeah.. i also got the passion in blogging.. ever since, i already wanted to write.. i never thought blogging would satisfy me this need.. lol...

    Anyway, i'm also thankful, since my first and only active blog as of today already made me to earn 6000 pesos pending in my paypal account.. hopefully by next week i can claim that amount... hmmmpphh..

    As artists think alike...

  2. Wow! panglibre....panglibre...panglibre..panglibre...

  3. Wow uie, kakaingit naman kau. sana ako in the future, ganyan din. hehe

  4. @Mr. 9 kaya kaayo nimo oi labi na kung naa ka net sa inyo blay. Ok mn ka mosulat...basa nako imong mga posts..ehheheheh

  5. Cool man. I am still trying to figure out how to make a money with my new blog. It's good to hear that it can be done.


  6. @mr.9: K lang. Hmmnn..i think you are the first one to call me as ritch. You know what i prefer my friends calling me that name than the usual "alms, alma, ma"

    @rach: thanks for the visit. Yeah, when you have blog you will really earn a lot. My earnings are not that big. Sometime soon i will give ample time to this blogging stuff especially earning money. I will optimize my blog.

  7. ing.ana unta ko kakugihan mg blog pareha nmo woi..heheheh kainggit

  8. @katrina: kugihan ko magblog kay pangtabang nalng pud sa pamilya..pobre raman gud kaayo mi. Karon at least bisag estudyante pako nahayahay hayahay na gamay. Ang akong kapobrehon ang nagmotivate sa akoa ug grabe...ang pamilya nko akong gihuna-huna..akong ginikanan ug akong duha ka igsoon. ehhehehehehhe


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