I love LOVERS!

Lovers is one good Korean Drama that I would love to spend my time watching. I am a fan of Kim Jung Eun ever since Lovers in Paris. Hmmnn..too bad, I am not able to follow all the episodes of it (ABS-CBN airing). I only see a few but there are scenes I don't understand.

I searched it in Crunchyroll but it has been removed already. I think I have also tried it in mysoju.com but it is still under repair. Gosshh... I will just have to buy a DVD of this drama.

Do you like/love Lovers too? You know, I am starting to like the guy. He is not actually that handsome but I love his body. Hehehehhee...and I also love his character. To be honest, guys with those "chinito" eyes seems to be attractive now to me. Hehehehehe...

By the way, I found an interesting blog about this Korean Drama entitled "Lovers". Actually, the author created this blog because of his or her love to the series. I even like the header he designed. I also got the above image there.


Chang-bae (Kim Roe-ha) vents his anger on Kang-jae (Lee Seo-jin) after being reprimanded by President Kang. Chang-bae shows Yang-geum (Yang Geum-seok) a photo of Mi-ju, which leads to Yang-geum's decision to arrange a marriage between her son and Mi-ju. Yang-geum calls Se-yeon (Jung Chan) to meet Mi-ju on an arranged date. Se-yeon is not interested in meeting someone that his parents have picked out as his future wife so he sends a friend in his place instead. Meanwhile, Mi-ju gets angry with the rude friend that Se-yeon sent to meet her. In a fit of anger, she splashes wine all over Se-yeon's friend. Se-yeon begins to feel interested in Mi-ju as he watches her startling actions. Mi-ju barges into a Japanese restaurant to pick a fight with Kang-jae, who she mistakes for another man who got Jung-hwa pregnant and then dumped her.

While roughly clutching Kang-jae's collar, a group of gang members wearing black suits emerge before her... Mi-ju (Kim Jung-eun) is disturbed when she hears the sound of breaking glass from the home of her neighbor where Yu-jin (Kim Gyu-ri) lives. Yu-jin is arguing with her boyfriend and tells him that the flowers he sends and the expensive luxury car he bought for him are meaningless. When Yu-jin demands that Kang-jae settle down and live with her, he tells her that he can't. Minister Yoon is faced with problems when the orphanage shelter is seized. Kang-jae is filled with contempt when Mi-ju tell him to buy the land that the orphanage is sitting on. While Mi-ju keeps pressuring him to buy the land since he's rich, Kang-jae is knifed in the back by an unidentified assailant. Mi-ju is shocked to see Kang-jae bleeding and Sang-taek (Lee Ki-young) tells her to immediately treat Kang-jae's knife wounds because they won't be able to reach a hospital in time.

Photo taken from the Asian Drama Aficionado Blogspot

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