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Gokusen is the third Jdorama I have watched. I am now in the Episode 9 of this series. So far, everything is doing great. Gokusen is quite the same with GTO because this is also a story of a teacher and delinquent students.

But this time around, the teacher is not a guy but a young lady who happens to be in a Yakuza Family. Ever heard of that word? Let me refresh your mind. According to Wikipedia, they are the traditional organized crime groups in Japan. Sounds interesting right? Yamaguchi Kumiko (main character) will soon be the successor of the family business (she will be the next boss). Hmmnn...She is actually the homeroom teacher of the 3D class who are all boys and considered as "trash" in their school.

One good line I will never forget about this series was when Ojou or Yamaguchi said this:
"No matter what happens i'll make sure everyone of you graduates"
You see? She will do everything just to let all her students graduate. What an amazing teacher! It is hard to find one in the real world because they don't seem to care those who are considered "trash". They always go for those who gets high grades, etc..and chuvaness!

I will be posting other inspiring lines from this series as soon as I finished the whole episodes. Stay tune! Wakekekekekkeke...

Photo taken from the Sukix Zuki Live Journal Website

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