Belated Happy Birthdays sa aking mga inaanak!

Two days ago was the birthday of my two godchildren, Kristine Marie and James Nave. They are siblings and their birthdays fall on the same day. (Minus ang gastos! Wakekekeke) Kristine is now 12 years old and James is 3 years old.

So lucky because on that day my money from Paypal arrived. (Bongga! Hehehehhee ). My schedule for the payment of all the bills, groceries and others. This is the 3rd month where I am doing this and they all come from the earnings I got from blogging. It feels good, at least nakaluag-luag nami.

I treated them. We went to different malls. Eat outside (Jollibee ang gusto nila), picture taking at Yoyongs and bought gifts for them. Jimmy Boy asked me to buy him shoes, new pair of clothes and a lighting sword (just a toy) while Kring2x only asked one. She wants a peggy bank (alkansiya). Hmmnn...It is good that she has able to realize that. She said she will be saving money in preparation for her school this coming June. She graduated as a first honorable mention by the way.

I always had so much fun being with them that's why I make it a point every time we go out, we really need to take pictures. Too bad, I still don't have a digital camera that's why we go to Photo Studios. To capture the moments because we will be transferring soon. I would really miss them. I am eyeing for a better house now. Hehehhehehe....

Anyways, the picture above is us - taken at the boarding house of Grace. Our pictures at Yoyongs will be claimed by next week.


  1. Pwde naka magminyo. Hehehe

  2. @Anonymous: Hahahahhaha...mao na ni ron. Hhehehehhe

  3. weeh...hehhe..wla ra to te ui.
    ask ko te.
    what is pings?

  4. huwaw... palibre? hehehe

  5. ahehe..uu te.

    wla juy lami. hehe..

  6. naa oi... naa sa ako mighty mao.. imo gani ang pinaka last.. tanan imo nah... hehe...

  7. dumaan ang operada... haha ok na po ako pero nagpapagaling pa din.

    salamat sa pagdaan sa blog ko, kala ko nilulumot na meron pa din palang nadaan hehe.

  8. halu dai.. I miss you na. :(

    Anyways, add ako new blogs. Yeeeeah.. kumakayod lang po kaya may new blogs ako. hihihi..

    Thank you.

  9. @camille: Hehehehehe...ah ping? Sa blogging mana for example naa kay update sa imong content inotify ang mga server sa uban. Search sa google..ehehhehe

    @ate honey: hehehehehe...

    @aldwin: Ngek! Dapat kaon jud ka gulay...

    @shadelms: Na diay, sige check nako..

    @eekai: Ok lang..what are friends for? hehehee...

    @joe.young: Maau, maau. Pagprofessional blogger nalang..ehhehehe...add lang nko unya..

    @serial number: Firti sir oi! Firti ang panginabuhi jud..ehehhehe

  10.'s me again..
    U have asked me previously regarding how to check "who have blog about me" or "how to check on the blog that u have written about".

    Enter SMORTY->click Post Exchange->Click Review Posts

  11. @josie: Thank you very much for that information. I checked it out already. A bit bad because i did 4 reviews already but so far i have not received any in return. I wonder when and why. I hope they put my blogs on top of their priorities...ehehheheheh


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