First Google Adsense Payment

Just got so tired lately that I could no longer update my blogs. Jaaahhh... (Sorry guys)

Anyways, as I promised in my recent post I will be posting here the proof where I received my first Google Adsense payment. Check it out below:

Google Adsense, Payment Proof

Last August 26 - a payment has been issued to me to be claim over Western Union Quick Cash (mode of payment I chose). I immediately picked it up on August 28 but I experienced some problems in claiming my money. The staff won't honor my school ID (Geeezzz). She was looking for other ID's I have and I was saying I just graduated last March 2008 and I don't have any SSS ID or whatsoever. I told her that I have been claiming money in Western Union a lot of times (gave here some proofs) but I still haven't persuaded her. Maybe because it was my first time to claim money on their branch (Western Union – outside Gmall).

So I went home empty handed.

The next day, after my duty I immediately headed to our school to get my alumni ID. Then rode a jeepney on my way to COMELEC and then to other establishments where I can have ID’s. But when I passed by Western Union – Claveria Branch (been claiming in this branch so many times), I just decided to drop by. And good thing, I did that because I was able to claim my money. They honored my ID and I only need to present a police clearance next time. Yosssh! Thank you, thank you..

I received $103.49. A documentary stamp tax was already deducted from it amounting to 0.16 (very little). I have my money converted already to peso which gave an equivalent value of P4,689.13. Not bad right? (Dollar is increasing, that time it was 45.31)

Thank you so much Google. I am just hoping to receive more money in the near future. Hopefully it will be monthly. Hehehehe…


  1. Congrats....ME- I am still working on my blogs for me to reach the minimum payout... I hope after 3-4 months from now I will reach the minimum...

  2. pa cheeseburger ka naman! heehee...

  3. @earning blog: Thanks kaiser.. yeah, I'm pretty sure you'll get that.. you know more of SEO than me.. .

    @honey: Weeee.. hahahhaha.. gipalit na nko bugas ug groceries...ehhehee. Hope mag kailhanay nata oi.. ehhehehe

  4. nice... i was just googled about adsense western union quickcash payment.. hehehe.. ngita lagi ko anig branch na dili kuti sa IDs. naa ka marecommend na branch na mudawat ug isa ka ID lang? :D


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