Lazy Weekend

It's 4:30am and I haven't done anything. I said to myself that this weekend I will be blogging the wonderful things that had happened to me for the past few weeks but I am just feeling lazy. When I arrived from work (Sat - morning) cause I am on a night shift, I just turned my PC on for a while to put captions on Clan B's first mini gathering pictures, ate and then slept.

My mom woke me up at around 7pm so I can watch the Grand Dream Night (PDA Season 2 top 6 Scholars) and eat also but I chose the latter and went to bed again. I woke up at around 10:30pm because I really need to blog.

But jaahh.. I haven't accomplished anything in terms of blogging for 5 hours straight. I was just looking at the pictures of my crush, searching his name all over again, reading information about him and dreaming.. Hahahaha...

Anyways, I will just have to give you a rundown of the things that I should be doing (blogging):

1. Google Adsense payment I've received (claimed it through Western Union)
2. Birthday of my younger brother
3. My first pay from JairoSolutions LLC (first company i have work with after graduation)
4. Mini Wordcamp Experience with Matt Mullenweg
5. Salute to Lady Programmers (I am inspired)
6. Clan B's first mini gathering after we have graduated (College Classmates)
7. Update my other blogs (I hate it when the recent post I have will be a sponsored post)
8. Write my due articles (dami ng expired tasks..)

But at least, I have able finish this post. Whatta! What is happening with me? I really need to be productive this weekend. 


  1. Nah inlove kasi kay papa matt eh.. ayan tuloy wehehehe... uie may glenda na xa gurl... :) peace! hay ako pud wala pa ka post about the wrodcamp tawon uie.. weehehehe...

  2. @Mao, mao..lagi oi.. ehehehe..gitamad pud ko - dili man mogana ako utok karon oi.. Firting ugaha. wakekekee..

  3. hi te. :D


    na.disabled gud ako adsense.


    anyway, na.upload ngud naq ang template! hehe. :D

    Salamat kaayo! :D

    musta nma ka?

    awts. nangawala pd ang links widget te ba..huhu.

    cge lng. i.add lng tikag balik.

    ingat2. :D

  4. Hi there!

    Please do add my other blogs youre already there.

    ThaNKs a lot!

  5. @aldwin: sagdi lang, sign up lang utro - dapat genuine clicks jud. Gratz! nacustomize na nmo design sa imo blog. Easy lang au diba? Wakekekeke

    @shzainzy: Sige, link lang nko ni imo blog but be sure to always visit my site okay?


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