Belated Happy Birthdays and Valentines to you all!

Sorry for the promises! I guess I couldn’t update my blogs regularly. My 2009 just welcomes me with raining and some nose bleeding tasks from my work that I can't seem to find any time to blog.

If there is, I prefer to watch TV series or just sleep. Well, I don't want to squeeze up my tired mind and body anymore when I'm home. But anyways, what is important is here I am still sharing my ironic "mysterious life" to you...


Last February, that love month didn't end up that bad to a single lady (don't ask why, ok?) like me at all because at its first week I went out with some of my friends. We celebrated the birthdays of Kathy, Leigh and Dennis. These three people have been an influence to my blogging career most especially to Dennis.

We went to World Palace - sung our lungs out, had some drinks. 

And during Valentines day, I had a date with Rose (another bestfriend). We spent our "single ladies moments" by doing some shopping, chit-chatting with my high school friend while eating the food we've ordered from Mandarin until we've realized that we need to get home because we still haven't slept. Hehehehe...(After our graveyard shift, we went straight to NCCC mall)

So the rest of day and night I end up sleeping - dating my special someone in my dreams. Whew! What a great way to celebrate Valentines isn't it? And the next day when I woke up, I also realized that I need to be at Dennis house that night to celebrate his birthday. Sorry, I missed it. Hehehhehee..

Belated Happy Birthdays and Valentines to you all! :) What a very late post! Hehehehhee…

P.S. When I read this post again, I just realized that last February 15 was my 6th month in JairoSolutions also. I am already a regular employee and so excited to receive my benefits and incentives such as transportation allowance and 1 sack of rice. Oooppss! my salary increase also... Whew! Congrats to me! Hehehehe....

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