Great Foods at the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit

I was looking at some pictures uploaded by Rap in his Picassa account when I found these great and free foods served before us during the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit.

Starting from lunch, we have this fried chicken, with some vegetable/like afritada I believe and of course fruit salad.

Mindanao Bloggers Summit
For snacks we had sandwhich in the morning and burger in the afternoon. Of course it was paired with softdrinks. Coffee we're also overflowing that time if in case you are feeling sleepy. Take a look at us, the models. Hehehehehe...

If you're wondering if breakfast was also free - yes it is. But we we're so hungry then that we've decided to eat at Jollibee before going to the venue of the summit.

To continue, during the Sashimi Night which was my favorite. We got to taste first the hotdog rolled with bacon, biscuit with some food decoration at the top and bread with tuna. Just eating the hotdog rolled with bacon makes me already full. And for our drinks, we had punch and coke. Take a look at them below, really looks yummy right?

hotdog rolled with bacon, snacks
After we have satisfied ourselves with those great foods, we also have able to taste fresh tuna...(We really watched how the cook have sliced that big tuna into thin strips like what you can see below). You have to put some sauce (don't know the name) and kalamansi to get the best flavor.
fresh tuna
It was still not dinner guys! So after few minutes we went to the dining hall and we're at awe to see again some great foods. Not to mention different variations of tuna like kinilaw, sinugba and others. Below was what I had. Hehehehehee....

dinner foods
Ang takaw ko noh? Well, when you are served with these kind of great foods and free, how can you resist? So you better attend blogging events like this next time!

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