Nights in Rondathe

Nights in Rondathe, Richard Geere, Diane Lane
Last night, I watched a Love Story movie commended by Tino. It was Nights in Rondanthe - a 2008 movie of Richard Gere (my crush) and Diane Lane. You know what, Richard Gere is already 59 yet he still looks awesome in this movie. More appealing and still oozing with sex appeal. I guess this tagline on American Gigolo "He leaves women feeling more alive than they've ever felt before" is really true. Watcha think?

Anyway, take a look at the plot. You might would want to watch this movie also:
While picking up his son and daughter for a weekend visit, Jack (Christopher Meloni) tells his estranged wife Adrienne (Diane Lane) that he wants to move back home. Adrienne says she needs time and space to think. It is made clear that Jack left his family for another woman.

Adrienne drives to Rodanthe, North Carolina to a friend's bed and breakfast for the weekend. The house is rustic, romantic and right on the beach.

There is only one guest for the weekend, Paul (Richard Gere), a surgeon who arrives at the inn with his own emotional baggage. He has flashbacks of a surgery which ended tragically. The family of the patient, who live in Rodanthe, is suing him.

A storm moves in and the two team up to protect the inn. They dine together, share stories and eventually turn to each other for emotional comfort. A tender romance starts. With Adrienne’s help, Paul faces the patient’s family and in doing so faces his own pain.

Paul leaves Rodanthe to fly to South America, where his estranged son Mark (James Franco) lives and practices medicine. Paul carries guilt for passing up a relationship with his son in favor of his career.

During their separation, Adrienne and Paul exchange letters, longing to be with each other....

What happen next? Better watch it!

P.S. I intentionally look for a movie that would really make me cry because I want to ease this loneliness that I am feeling. Oh gosshh, when you are single and you long for someone...(Sighed) Thanks to Tino for sharing some of his movies to me especially Nights in Rondanthe. This is a good remembrance also. (He is heading for a greener pasture actually) Good luck and God bless you!

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  1. manood ka ng korean movies kk..para ma-ease na imo loneliness haha

  2. hahahahaha...examples? dami narin akong napanood na korean movies..ayoko ng teeny booper...suggest dayon...

  3. i've seen this movie too, sad pa jud ko that time, i thought i was seeing a happy ending but well, realistic enough. :)


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