File Extension PVM

Maintaining your personal computers is a tiresome task to do. Aside from keeping it clean, it also includes virus and malware scanning, maximizing storage capacity, and fixing registry problems. And one of those registry problems that usually our Windows OS experienced is the File Extension PVM that is somehow quite difficult to fix.This is because there are only two applications that use a File Extension PVM. One of which was developed by Optical Storage Technology or commonly known as OSTA, which manages digital content including music, video and images using XML format.

The second one is used by Hewlett-Packard’s Image Zone software. When installed in your PC and activated, it generates a File Extension PVM by automatically renaming image files read from CDs or digital devices like .jpg to .pvm for viewing purposes. After such, files of PVM extension are then stored on an album in XML format that contains information about the images it stores. It mostly appears in your as “album.pvm” or “index.pvm”. It is primarily use for copying images into media devices like CDs and DVDs.

Aside from what had mentioned above, other digital devices such as printers and digital cameras can also generate PVM File Extension. In addition, you may also use Photosmart software in viewing files of PVM extension.

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