tired lady, work, careerSince I got promoted, my life has been soooooooo busy - ever! Most of the time, I have to extend my hours of duty just to catch up the tasks I have. (Overtime to the highest level, take note: graveyard shift pa iyan). So I can be up from 10pm to 7pm at most. (Amazing!). Well aside from the new position I also have to attend the Business Development and Business Analysis.

And if I wouldn't do Overtimes, I will just be the only one who will suffer. Imagine the everyday deadline and if you can't meet that - it will just pile up and the delivery of the projects will be compromised. You can't afford to have the client hanging, you know.

So I have to attend different meetings, analyze the client's business requirements and discuss them to our CEO and software developers, prepare different collaboration tools, take note of the different action items and everything about Technical Project Management. And I am handling like 6 new and priority #1 projects with different software developers. Different people with different attitude to adjust (client and our own resources) - so it is really tough and challenging! Can you imagine that? On the first few days of my new position, I had to those things already.

But now, after a month I believe I am able to manage. The hard part is really when you are starting especially on the business analysis side. Like our CEO has always said, understanding the client's requirement solves half of the problem already.

And I also realized that I should not only Work Hard but also Work Smart. My bestfriend would always tell me to get enough sleep, refrain from doing overtimes and watch my health. And work just occupies my mind sooooooo much even on my dreams. It's like those College days where I am also dreaming of coding or doing a program. (Toinks!) I guess this is just because I LOVE MY WORK so much that I am more than willing to do extra mile. Watchathink?


  1. Wow..ikaw na jud si Darna alms! super kayod na kaau ka..lahi ra jud kung Love nmo imong work...Keep it up alms. Stay happy and healthy always ;)

  2. @rgbconnections: yeah, really have to work hard to support my family. Mahirap ang breadwinner pero oks lang kasi super challenging. Thank you rap, yeah..i will watch my health. No worries. Thanks again!

  3. kuyawa sa PC ui, super busy na jud! to the highest as in superlative level! ai ai yepee yepee ai! hehe..
    several tasks = high trust!

    ui rap, dili darna ui, superwoman jud namo na! haha..

    cge lang alms, "earning" while learning is fun dba?! hehe.. yaw lang kalimti ang health kay paunsa nlng kung mgkasakit ka, importanteng tao bya kau ka sa company! :D

  4. @leizlmarie: Thanks leiz, i like the several tasks = high trust ha. Hehehehehe....

    Mao lagi ang health jud dapat bantayan para pud sa akong pamilya. Unsaon nlng kung magkasakit ko, wala sila kaunon..ehehehhehe


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