A fun filled company outing experience!

I wasn't really able to sleep that much the night before we will have our outing. Aside from the fact that I have the difficulty of sleeping, the excitement I am feeling somehow adds up. Well you know, JairoSolutions is the first company I have work with and I will be experiencing my first company outing. (Whew! As in for the first time)

So I turned in late. I mean, slept only during wee hours - few hours to go for our rendezvous. (Jaaahhhh.. ) But its fine with me, I can handle it. My mom will wake me up also, she's like my alarm clock in times like this. Hehehehe..

And the day has finally arrived where we heads out to spend some time together outside the office. Hmmnphh.. It was definitely a great way to loosen up a bit and where was that again? Oh, in Km. 20 Los Amigos Tugbok where you can find  Villa Christina Orchids Garden and Resort last August 30.

JairoSolutions, Company Outing
[from L-R (front row): Alvin, Joan, JJ, Jhona, Yvon, Leslie, Aloha, Tino, Rose and Alma, at the back L-R: James, Fritz, Jeff and Bernard]
We were at awe to see the beauty of the place - the romantic flowers, the long and attracting swimming pool, fruits (durian, pomelo), cottages, etc...We went around taking pictures almost everywhere. Some started the singing Bee challenge already (special mention to Doods and Aloha), chit-chats, drinking session as well as the preparation of food. Speaking of the latter, I am so eager to know what will be served before us. (Stomach was growling..hehehehe) Okay….so we have lechon, fried chicken, grilled pork and fish, pansit, fruit salad and some junkfoods also. The food was more than enough to satisfy our enormous appetites. Hehehehe..(Bring house lagi). In between things we had time to dip in the water, played some fun games, sung our lungs out and drank our selves(is that right?) and even relax a bit in the shade.
There are dozens more moments like this, but this post would be too long & self-indulgent to recapture them all. Suffice it to say we had a great time. And of course, after expending all that energy, some wrapped up the day with another meal before heading back, the better part of exhausted, to each of our homes, for a hot shower and bed.

Au Revoir! I'm honestly at a loss for words now.  So let the above pics speak of what we had that day. Wakekkekeke…Arigato gozaimasu everyone for the wonderful experience and for everything.

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