cause I still love JairoSolutions!

Yes, it's true! I have already resigned from JairoSolutions after more than a year of working but it doesn't mean I don't love this company anymore. I've gained a lot of experiences, made a lot of friends, had crushes (chuckles) and of course found my best friend.

It was the first company that I applied for a job (after graduating from college) and was immediately accepted. So when you say "first" - it will always have a placed here in my heart. I may have cried a lot of tears on how demanding the work was, the pressure I've got from our boss and clients, the struggling nightshift and other reasons I have but everything is fine because I've learned a lot.

Anyway, I made this simple video as a remembrance. It is out from the compilation of pictures I've got since August 2008 - September 2009. Background music is "Moment of Truth" by FM Static. It's one of my favorite songs and I just think it's apt for this video. Hehe. Hope you will like it. Thanks!

P.S. To be honest, it took me so much time to finish this. Gosssshhh.. My computer always freezes so I have to do the editing process again but it's worth it. I love my work. Hahaha.. Thank you very much also to George Tran for inspiring me to create a video. :) Check out also JairoSolution's blog , I've made a few posts there (back then).

**Updated Link (6/20/14): JairoSolution's blog is no longer active


  1. We miss you so much. I hope the friendship that we have will still remain forever.hehehe

  2. Nice alms, Jairosolutions also loves you still ;))

  3. Nice we will miss you also :)

  4. rose, fritz and prenzy: Thanks! Yes, our friendship will remain forever. God bless you all and take care always. :)

  5. Love it Alma... I miss you guys... I hope your doing well... I love Jairo rin and all of you pips... miss the gigss

  6. From Joie John: Alms I love it hahahahaha thanks na apil ko hahahaha... so nice... I miss you guys... and I love jairo and all of you pips... I miss the gigss hahahaha... Hope your doing well!! God bless

  7. Hi Alma,

    First of all what a nice video that you've made, you have acquired a new skills, Great Job!!!.

    When I played the video and saw the pictures and the background music playing, it made my day Wonderful, there were pictures that i've not seen before, its good to know that you guys are hanging out after work and building that friendship and memories.

    I just come to realize that works should be building memories, a balance of work and play.

    Secondly, your always welcome to come back, the door is open for eveyone, your all my extended family in Davao.

    i will share this with Kriss later.

    I love you all Guys!!,

    Ramon T Aseniero Jr
    JairoSolutions (CEO/RCSO)

  8. Wala lagi nimo giapil tong imong scandal? :)

  9. Jeffrey "Da Pogi" Albano10/05/2009 12:49 PM

    Whaaa,.... Whaataaa nice video,... D ko kabalo anah,jejeje,.. Programming lang ko,... :) Well, alms, we all do love and will always remember how Jairo moulded us,... Continue to live and work, for life goes on no matter what,.. hmmppfff,... we must also not forget our kababayan who were affected,hope you donate also to sagip kapamilya,... Our countrymen needs our help,.. Even for a little amount or clothing we share,that will mean a lot to them,...

    Hope you're all doing well,.. May God bless us all,...

  10. te almz..cath here. i've also worked in jairo last year for a couple of months. just last week, i was looking at your picasa pics, scanning through the compiled Jairo pics. In Jairo, I felt loved and appreciated. Everybody were good friends (eventhough I didn't stay there long enough). I do miss the company who gave me my first real salary. Hehehe. It was also in Jairo when I first met my sae. We've been together for more than a year already. I would really want to take a small visit to Jairo someday if I'll get a chance to return to Davao.. missing you all..

  11. @Ramon: Thank you very much for your comments. I was not expecting it. Hehehehe..I appreciate it so much. :)

    @Doods: Hahahaha, secret lang... weeeee....

    @Jeff: Thanks pud ayo sa commment. Yeah, nakatabang pud jud ako experience sa Jairo. hehehhehee...

    @Cathy: Nice to hear that. Hehehhee.. Thanks again!

    @rugby: thanks for dropping by also. :)


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