It's hard when your Mom is not around

My mom went to Manila for a seminar/activity about their organization. She is actually a member of Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry. She will be staying there for 10 days. And guess what? This is the 2nd day that she's not around and I am already struggling.

I have to do all the household chores and attend to my sick father and brothers and at the same time work. Gooosssshhh, it gets harder if I am not working homebased. :(

To be honest, it's my fear when my Mom will not be really around (if that time comes). I guess I have to prepare for this. I don't have any other person to depend to. I can hire someone (when I have more money) to do the household chores or any but it's hard to find someone who will be like my Mom whose dedication and love to us is beyond compare. Huhuhuhu...

Anyway, 8 more days! I know I can do this. I am hoping my mind is always in the right mood also so that I can easily absorb or digest these nose bleeding tasks I have. Hmmnn.. I have to be always at my best. AJA! Please continue to pray for us always ha.

P.S Thank you by the way to Rose and Didoy for helping me. You have not only made me happy but also my mom. :)


  1. Uu..we will continue to support you bff..weeeee God bless you always. :D

  2. thanks Rose for being there always. :)

  3. Nice articles you have. ^_^

    Try to read one of my articles.


  4. hahaha. mommy almz :D cool


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