Friends Forever - Clan B

I can't help but smile looking at these pictures again with CLAN B. (We call ourselves as Clan B because we belong to section B since 1st year-4th year and we are friends, college classmates and a family)

I still remember the jokes of Gerald which made my stomach hurts so much (click image for larger view and see how we look while laughing..hehehehe) and the fun that we had remembering the memories we shared during College days.

I am actually years older than them but they don't call me as "ATE". When I'm with them, I just feel so young. Hehehehe..

I am happy that we are able to have this gathering. Thanks to Facebook! Thank you also Mags for hosting the venue, for the mouthwatering foods (hindi na namin naubos dahil sobrang dami) and for everyone who graced the event.

It's really good seeing you again guys. I am hoping in our next gathering everybody will be present. God bless us all! Thank you very much for everything! (Just don't mind the candid pictures ha, mahimuot man gud..eheheehehe)

(Photos were taken last May 22, 2010)


  1. dpat ng post pud ka pic na naa ko... hmmpf...

  2. aw, wala diay Lor? wala ko kabantay. Wait iupdate nko..ehehehe

  3. wow... ayos kaau alms! makamingaw jud noh... unta magkakita kita napud ta utro puhon... :*

  4. ahihihi... naa jud ko sa pic... salamt alms... bnuang lang gani dala pud tinood... char lng...

  5. @grace. uu, makatawa ko magbalik tan-aw sa photos.

    @coco: sori ayo ha, wala jud ko kabantay..ehehehhe...

    Thanks sa mga comments!

  6. Wow...kalingaw mgtan-aw2....wla pud si stiv sa mga pix alms..hehehe :D

    Supportahe ko ninyo ha...Aspiring Philippines Wedding Photographer...hehehe

  7. @rgbconnections: nabutangan na nko picture ni steivene pud..ehehhehe..


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