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Taylor Lautner
It's 9 days before the release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (3rd installment of Twilight Series) and I just can't wait to see Taylor Lautner in the big screen again. Yay!

I really got a huge crush on this teenager guy eversince I've watched him in the Twilight Saga: New Moon. And oh yes, I belong to Team Jacob and I as one of those "not teenager" movie goers who screamed like a "teenager" while watching the said movie (especially on the part where he take off his shirt). Haha!

In the Eclipse Movie, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will finally kiss. Oh sweet! We have long been waiting for this since New Moon. Remember the phone rang when they were about to kiss? It was really a disappointment for us, Team Jacob fans. We were already screaming "Kiss him, Kiss him". Haha!

According to the Latest Celebrity Gossip, Kristen and Taylor admitted that the kiss was really awkward (just as any first kiss).

As soon as we finished, as soon as we pulled away and they called cut, she'd look at me and I'd look at her and there would be a moment of silence," Lautner told Access Hollywood. "And she would go: We just kissed!"

But hey, there's more. Just like any other fan out there - Taylor Lautner reveals his secret celebrity crush also. He said that this celebrity has been his longest crush -from a young age. And you know who is it? It's no other than Jessica Alba. When asked why, he answered just one word "Everything". I couldn't agree more!

So, to all Twilight Fans see you at the cinema this coming June 30. And oh by the way, when you visit the Ivillage site for the Latest Celebrity Gossip or to watch exclusive interviews of the stars of Twilight Saga: Eclipse don't forget to read the posts about the Top 13 Reasons to Join Team Jacob also. It's all juicy and the photos of Taylor Lautner were just so hot!

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