Remembering my Habal-habal experience

Everytime I read or heard about motorcycles, there's just one funny and scary experience that I will never forget. It is on the first time that I have tried riding in a Habal-Habal with my friends as the passengers. 

Habal-habal is a popular mode of transportation in the mountainous areas and hinterlands of Visayas and Mindanao. It is made of just a single motorcycle used for public hire in the Philippines. In some provinces, they even have Skylab - that is where they put a board across the seat or a platform around the bike to hold more passengers

We will be attending a fiesta celebration that time. And when we arrived in Calinan, we were just so surprised that there will be no jeepneys that will take us to the house of my classmate. So we don't have any choice but to ride in a Habal-habal. And since we were five, we divided ourselves into two. I was a lucky enough because I only have two companions (our teacher and the driver). The other driver will have three passengers (two guys and 1 lady). The funny thing is, they have arranged it in a way that my lady classmate is the last one seated. And when the ride started, she looked as if she was paste into something and is holding a little to the guy infront of him (like a turtle). It was really weird and funny and my teacher and I were just laughing the whole time. I can't imagine her situation. I for myself was even having a hard time because I cannot use the footrests. How much more she is!

But in fairness, when we asked her – she was just okay with it. The two drivers were just so awesome also. We arrived in our destination safely. And in spite of the bumpy ride, we arrived early or just before the rain started to pour heavily. 

It was just an experience of a lifetime! I would love to try it again.

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