Swimming Lessons Plan and Scuba Diving in Sharm El Sheikh

I have a phobia for water which was brought by a childhood experience of almost drowning. That's why every beach getaway that we have, you can always see me swimming just near the shoreline. And every water sports competition that I am invited to, I always declined. But still, I want to overcome this fear especially that I am not getting any younger.

So now, I am planning to enroll in swimming lessons already and try water related sports like scuba diving. The latter, it's my dream that I experience it in Sharm El Sheikh Holidays. I've learned that the said place is the most extraordinary diving destination in Red Sea, Egypt. And you can find a lot of amazing coral reefs and shipwrecks also. 

According to the article that I've read, the best time to dive in Sharm El Sheikh is in the months of May to August because the conditions are almost perfect and you can see the most variety of marine life.

But first things first, I need to earn more and save more. Swimming lessons is attainable, next is scuba diving (just here at the local area for now) and then my dream adventure.

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  1. Cool to hear that you are eager to overcome your fear with waters. I hope you'll learn swimming quickly. You know, Whitsunday is also a good destination for scuba diving activities. We've spent our summer vacation, and I practiced my underwater photography here. I have lots of beautiful shots of a variety of marine animals, and the coral reefs are so beautiful.


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