The King's Speech

I haven’t watched this movie on the big screen nor on DVD but I heard a lot of good remarks about The King’s Speech from my friends.

Read synopsis below which I got from Tesco Entertainment website.
Following the scandalous abdication of his brother King Edward VIII, Bertie (Colin Firth) who has suffered from a debilitating speech impediment all his life, is suddenly crowned King George VI of the United Kingdom. With his country on the brink of war and in desperate need of a leader, his wife Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter) seeks out the help of eccentric speech therapist, Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush).Based on the inspirational true story of King George VI, The King's Speech follows the Royal Monarch's quest to find his voice.

Interesting details also:

‘The King’s Speech’ got the most distinctive awards during the 83rd Academy Awards night, including the Best Director, Best Actor for the leading role, Best Original Screenplay and the Best Motion Picture of the Year. It was also nominated as Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Editing, Best Music Original Score, Best Sound Mixing and Best Actor and Actress of the Supporting Role for Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham.

So what do you think? The 83rd Academy Awards just says it all! The King’s Speech is definitely a MUST WATCH! And aside from that, this is actually based on a TRUE STORY. Cool!

Photo taken from the IMP Awards Website

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