The uniforms you see that are worn by hospital personnel may be different from the ones made for policemen, teachers and other professionals. However, its purpose is no different from among them. Uniforms are primarily made to establish identity and to set yourself away from the usual crowd; medical uniforms would tell people that you work in the hospital, as teachers uniforms would give a child the impression that you are the authority inside the classroom.

To further distinguish the different personnel inside an institution, different uniforms may also be used. Inside the hospital for example, the nurse has to wear the prescribed hospital nurse uniform while the surgeon must wear the medical scrub pants and top.

There are a couple more purposes and advantages that uniforms bring to the society, aside from establishing identity. One, professionals are believed to perform better when wearing a uniform. The uniform helps establish the working ambience within the working area, thus, setting the minds of the employees that they are there to work. Second, uniforms help employees to save a lot of time and money. Having the same type of clothing to wear everyday for work actually lessens the time for a person to think about fashion and eventually saving him a few hundred bucks every month. Although uniforms have some disadvantages, the convenience it brings to people overrides its drawbacks.

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