Blogger Free Tool - Convert Blogs into Iphone Apps

Hey blogger friends, got some good news for you! If you haven't heard of this or haven't tried this then read on. This is about a new innovative tool that converts your blog into Iphone app and guess what, it's for FREE!  Hehehe...

This blogger free tool is called Bloapp and it uses QR code technology for adding blogs which makes your blog literally snap away from your readers.  Because your blogs can now be accessible anywhere through your readers smart phones. All they have to do is download Bloapp on Apple Appstore to view their favorite blogs and as for you blogger, it's just easy as 1, 2, 3 also - see screenshot below.

Bloapp, Iphone App

Interested or want to learn more about this cool app? Then visit now!


  1. Thanks to share this wonderful news. iPhone apps is also a best app to use a wedding planning.

  2. It is an wonderful tool to convert the blogs into iPhone apps. The tool will be useful for the users. A friend of mine is planning his wedding using the wedding app and i will share this information.


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