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Lacoste is an apparel dressing company of French origin. Its products ranges from clothing, leather merchandises, perfumes, footwear and its famous merchandise, tennis shirts. Together with Andre Gillier, the proprietor of the major producing knit wear products in France, Rene Lacoste formed La Chemise Lacoste. This company is the forerunner of the now famous ground-breaking tennis apparel which was originally designed by Lacoste himself. It is noteworthy to know that Rene Lacoste himself is a famous tennis player and an athletic fanatic. Dislike of the traditional tennis shirts is the reason why he re-invented tennis apparel.

Lacoste, Lacoste Fashion
The Lacoste Logo is a Crocodile and it stemmed from the wager he had with the captain of the French Davis Cup Team, whom promised him a crocodile casing suitcase if he won a bout that was the subject of the bet. It was a friend of Rene Lacoste in the name of Robert George, who sketched a crocodile that was used on the design on his blazer which he consistently displayed on court.

All the designs produced by Lacoste shows excellent hemmed designs and form defining top quality and durability. The fact that Lacoste products present itself with a considerable price is commensurate with the top of the line products. Found anywhere in the globe, Lacoste also made itself easily available to its customers via online websites making it available readily at your door. Selecting via online website is made easy by making all sizes and options available.

Today, Lacoste is heading towards innovation and change with its new fashion designer, Christophe Lemaire. He started revamping and controlling the clothing sketches and designs making Lacoste supremely controlling the commercial market. Transcending the common and traditional notion of commonality, Lacoste imprints itself by displaying simplicity is not simply a barren box of designs but continues line of authentic and original innovations.

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