Coming from a poor family in the Philippines, we don't have the luxury of travelling. When it's holiday or no school, we would just stay home and play or if not find something that we could do to earn like my brothers would sell ice drop, “balot” or ride a “trisikad” (another mode of transportation using a bicycle or three-wheelers). So as much as I desire to travel we don't have any money to do that.

But when I started working, I've been able to realize some of my dreams already. Just like two years ago, my friends and I had our self drive holidays in our trip to Mati and Iloilo. And after 27 years also, I experienced my first airplane ride when I visited my high school alma mater in Cebu - an experience that I truly cherish. In fact, I still have the receipts and forms of the said travel. My mother saved hers too. 

USA, America, USAside from traveling here in our country, it is also my dream to travel abroad. And I wish to go and travel in Japan, France and also USA Tours. The said countries are just my favorites and I'm fascinated with these places.

- I want to go to Japan to see sakura (cherry blossoms), castles, temples, shrines and meet people behind the famous anime Naruto. I'm such a huge fan.

- I want to go to France to see  the Eiffel Tower. Paris is a city of lovers and it would definitely be great if I am with a special someone when I'll be there someday. Hehe.

And last but not the least I want to go to the US. It's just freakin' awesome to be in the most popular country in the world. Many people go there and Las Vegas Holidays would be my first stop. They say Las Vegas night life would blow your mind and I want to try it. 

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