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Fast and Furious 6: A Winning Formula

Who would have thought that a movie about fast muscle cars, even more muscled men and beautiful ladies would have such a strong appeal? This appears to be the case for Fast and the Furious 6, which is now obviously on its 6th installment.

Apart from its brilliant explosions and well choreographed stunts, this movie is expected to be a hit – on Philippine shores, anyway - far beyond its predecessors simply because its red carpet premiere was held here in Manila. Starstruck fans saw Michelle Rodriguez, Luke Evans, Gina Carano and of course, the main man himself, Vin Diesel in the flesh. Filipinos were most especially pleased with Diesel’s apparent humility and down to earth attitude – at most times seen wearing a sando just like any local or enjoying a jeepney ride. He was even featured to drive a sidecar from a pineapple vendor!

Speculations aside, Fast and Furious 6 has the winning formula indeed. It was confirmed just a few hours ago that the movie has conquered weekend box office records, far above its competitors. The Fast and Furious has opened at No. 1 worldwide, taking more than half of the viewing population internationally. Muscled car, muscled men and beautiful ladies seems to be this movie’s formula for success.

Catch Fast and Furious 6 at the nearest theatre near you.

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