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Why You Should Consider Selling an eBook on Your Blog

If you haven't considered adding an ebook to your blog, it's time you did. It really doesn't take a genius to put one together and it need cost no more than your time. The result can not only be an extremely powerful business-building tool but also an additional income stream. It's easy to automate the selling process and you might even find yourself in the Amazon bestseller list!

Anyone Can Write A Book

There are those who always think they could write an ebook - given the right set of circumstances - and never do. There are others, perhaps the majority, who think that they can't write one. That they don't have the skill.

Nonsense. Anyone can write an ebook. What you need to do is get over the "writing" part.

If a friend was sitting next to you, could you describe your business or product to them? Not only could you, but doubtless in great detail. You might even be passionate about it. So write it like you'd say it. Don't worry about the spelling or the grammar. If that's a weak point, get someone else to check it. Your sole purpose is to describe your products, or your service, in a way that shows people the benefits and in language they'll understand. That's all you need to do. Have a conversation, but write it down. You can even speak it into some kind of recording device if you like and have someone transcribe it.

You can get professional services very affordably at places like Fiverr and Elance. It's a good idea to have a well-designed cover, even on an ebook, because impact is important. As for content, if you save it to the cloud using Google Drive, Dropbox or a service like that, then providing you've got fast internet access, you can access it and work on it wherever you are, whenever time allows. Check out services like Hughesnet reviews for fast internet in your area.

Publishing: Which Platform

While e-readers like the Kindle, Nook and Sony Reader are excellent gadgets for reading novels or text-only documents, they don't handle graphics very well (although the Kindle Fire and iPad do).

If it's mostly words, then by all means look into publishing on Kindle and other devices (via and, but if you have a book that has lots of photos and diagrams, PDF is probably the format of choice. Any computer can read it, so can tablets. This makes your ebook easily accessible to a huge market. To complete the process, it's relatively easy to set up selling via Paypal or similar services and to redirect people to a download page so you don't have to worry about actual delivery.

Work Once, Earn Forever?

Of course you don't have to sell your ebook, you could just give it away as a promotional tool or a way to get potential customers' email addresses. Short reports and "fact files" are usually a very popular way to achieve this.

However, if you've put lots of time and effort in, and developed a decent-sized publication that has real value, it's only right you should get some reward. The beauty of publishing an ebook is the royalty effect: you write it once, but you can sell it for years. What's more, it will build your reputation for you. It's about perception. You wrote a book, therefore you are an expert - that's simply how people see you. There's also a spin-off effect that often your product and/or service is seen as more valuable, because of its associated with a "famous" author.

If you've never written a book before it's fair to say it does take some effort. Once it's done though, and you've put a bit of effort into promoting it, you can reap the rewards for the foreseeable future. So what are you waiting for?

Author Bio:

Laura Spicer is an author. She loves writing about the benefits of authorship on small business and work at home mom blogs. She also wrote some Hughesnet reviews as part of her work at home career.

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