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5 Weird And Wonderful Ways To Prevent Car Theft

When you own a car, one thing that you don’t like to think about but is a thought that sits at the back of your mind is whether your car will become a victim of car theft. Back when I was 18, I was pretty gutted when one of my first cars was broken into.

At the time, I had an aftermarket alarm system installed on it, and was lucky that when they smashed the window of my car and the alarm went off, it deterred them from stealing anything (it was quite a loud alarm in what was otherwise a sleepy street)!

Photo Source (Flickr: Tim Dorr)

If you want to know how to prevent your car from being attacked by the rogue elements of our society, take a look at these weird and wonderful ideas that can help you to do just that!

Remove the fuel pump relay

Photo Source (Flickr: Ryan McLean)

This rather low-tech and free way of securing your car will effectively prevent it from being started and driven away, regardless of whether the thief has stolen or cloned your key, or has simply hotwired it.

You will need to determine where on your car the fuel pump relay is, but this can be easily done by checking the owner’s manual or doing a quick web search on the Internet.

Install a removable steering wheel

Photo Source (Flickr: Vetatur Fumare)

When a would-be car thief wants to steal a car, he or she will obviously target a car that they can physically drive away in! Of course, this is going to somewhat impossible if the car does not have a steering wheel attached to the steering column!

A quick-release steering wheel can be installed on any car, but bear in mind that if your car has a driver’s airbag on the wheel, you will not be able to use it on your quick-release steering wheel.

Set fire to the car thief

Photo Source (Flickr: rob bell)

Invented by someone in South Africa to prevent carjackings, the “Blaster” is an LPG-powered flame-thrower device which is activated whenever someone tries to break into a car. As you can imagine, this method of car protection is somewhat controversial and extreme, given that you will end up roasting the perpetrators!

Additionally, there is also the question of how much damage such a device can do to your car’s paint and bodywork…

Chain your rear wheel up

Photo Source (Flickr: wonderferret)

A rather novel way of ensuring that no-one drives off in your pride and joy is to simply chain up one of the rear wheels and attach it to a padlock! Of course, one obvious issue that the guys over at Junction 17 cars pointed out is that a would-be car thief could just cut the chain off with a pair of bolt cutters!

Fit a GPS tracker

Photo Source (Flickr: basibanget)

A technological solution to helping you find your car if it has been stolen is to track its whereabouts using a GPS tracker! These insurance-approved forms of car security help you to pinpoint exactly where your car, so that you and the police can get it back as quickly as possible!

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