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Wackiest Awards Ever Received

While an award is typically a good thing, and a sign of a job well done, occasionally crystal plaques and awards are used to poke fun at something or celebrate the craziness of life. Most people enjoy being awarded something, even if it’s just for something funny or crazy they did.

In the awards world, statues and awards often symbolize something to do with the organization giving the award. While some are classy and sophisticated, others are downright crazy and different, but perhaps that makes them even more noticeable.

Worst Picture

The Golden Raspberry Awards are given every year in an effort to lighten the atmosphere and poke fun at those in the entertainment industry. Each year, an award for Worst Picture is given. It’s tough to find a filmmaker, director or actor that actually wants to win this award, although it does showcase the ability of the individual to relax and laugh at the work they’ve done that hasn’t been so great

Surfboards for All

Whether you like surfing or live in Alaska, winning a Teen Choice Award means that you are given a life-size surfboard for your efforts. Many awards are easy to store and display, but this particular award may cause many to scratch their heads and wonder how in the world they will even get it home. Despite the strangeness of the award itself, the Teen Choice Awards are a constant hit for young adults and teenagers to enjoy the work of their favorites in the entertainment industry.

Moon Man

Winning a VMA is a big step on the road to stardom in the music industry, but the award itself may confuse many. Referred to as the “Moon Man” the award is a statue in the shape of a man placing the MTV flag on the moon. This is a picture MTV often uses on advertisements and during shows on the network, and there are few who would turn away from winning this coveted award. The awards show typically involves some type of scandal or argument that sets the press on fire for several months until it’s time to start thinking of next year’s show.

Kids’ Choice Award

If you’re chosen by the kids of America and Nickelodeon to win a Kids’ Choice Award, you’ll get an orange blimp with Nickelodeon written across the side. Wacky though it may be it also signifies a serious popularity with an age demographic that can make or break a career. Stars like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and the boys of One Direction are regular winners at this awards show.

Belt Buckles

Country Music Television plays right into the stereotype of country music by handing out statues in the shape of belt buckles to winners. Entertainers have a chance to embrace their inner redneck during the awards show with live performances by the biggest acts in the country. While it may seem crazy, an award from CMT is a big step on the road to success for many struggling country artists.

A Symbol of Success

Regardless of the shape the award comes in, the recipient is given a tangible symbol of success that can’t be shown through a paycheck or album sales. An awards show with awards from FineAwards.com is the perfect way to celebrate the hard work of all those that are involved in any organization.

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