Top Tips to Make Your Computer Live Longer

Computers are expensive these days, but they don’t last forever. Some of the best computers can cost thousands and thousands of pounds, and they will still eventually grow old and slow. Some computers will break down sooner than others, but there are ways you can make your computer ‘live longer’. Use these top tips to help you:

Clean it Carefully

Your computer should be cleaned carefully to keep it in good condition. You can buy canisters of air perfect for cleaning out the keys, and a good cloth should help to keep the screen free from marks like fingerprints and other things. Make sure you buy suitable products and always follow the instructions to avoid damaging your machine.

Perform Maintenance on it

Maintenance needs to be performed on your computer to ensure it’s clean and running at it’s best. You probably have a ton of things on your computer that you don’t need or use, so make sure you clean it up. There are systems you can download on your computer to do it for you, or your machine may already have some installed. Some machines don’t require any maintenance at all, but those are top end machines.

Protect it from Viruses and Hackers

Your computer must be protected from viruses and hackers if you want it to stand the test of time. Not all computers need anti-virus software installed, as some do the job automatically. Again, these are the top end machines. To protect your machine from hackers, make sure you avoid dodgy looking sites and always have a different password for each platform you use.

Don’t Open Strange Messages and Emails

With social media and emails, we can get strange messages from people we don’t know. These messages might contain links and other things, with a provocative message trying to get you to open. It might say something like ‘is this you in this photo?’ with a link. This is usually a ploy to get you to click the link, so avoid these messages like the plague! That isn’t to say you can’t fix a computer after a mistake like this, but it can be expensive. A good computer repair company should be able to help you.

Watch Your Drinks

Sounds simple, but having drinks near your computer could be a disaster waiting to happen. I know this first hand. After purchasing an expensive macbook, I went to take a sip of my pint of water and spilt it all over the machine. As you can imagine, it all ended in tears and I had to get a new machine. Lesson learned! Eating near your computer can also be a bad idea if you get crumbs and other bits on it.

If you make sure you’re careful and use the tips in this guide, you should get the most out of your computer. They don’t come cheap, so do what you can to ensure a long life. Do you have some tips of your own? Share them below in the comments section!

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