The Geek's Guide To Car Buying

Buying a car is never really easy. There’s so much rigmarole to it. It’s like a ritual more than anything else. It can be a little confusing too. There are so many abbreviations and backwards talk to it. Trying to get a straight deal told to you in plain English can be a real hassle.

A reputation will speak for itself though. Technology can give you a helping hand in figuring out what exactly is happening. Not only that, using your instincts to feel the place out can help too.

Flex your geek cred a little bit and get onto the computer first of all. Find some car review sites. From there, start thinking about what kind of car you want. Are you looking at a four door or two? How about space in the back? Maybe a Vauxhall?

Get to grips with what you’re looking for. Then, find a selection of cars that fit your criteria. From there you can check the reviews to see what the professionals think about them. Just don’t go looking at supercars. The previously mentioned Vauxhall might be more your speed.

Always be sure to look for a price and performance balance. You don’t want a rubbish car on the cheap, but you also don’t want a great car that breaks the bank. Then you can start to find out the average between these reviews. Basically, find the car that best suited the price/performance balance and see where all the reviewers agree.

Once you’ve done that, you’ve found your perfect car. Next is to find someone to sell it you.

A quick search online can find you a number of dealerships, such as the Pentagon Group and some Vauxhall specific ones. Even your first search should reveal the ones near to you.

Check any reviews you can for your local dealerships. Knowing if they’re honest and have good customer services is essential if things go a little bit pear shaped. A few bad reviews won’t break the camel’s back, but be careful of any glaring complaints like hidden charges.

Once you’ve gotten to the point of having a contract to look at, make sure you read the whole thing. Don’t be afraid to search the net for definitions if certain terms confuse you. They might be purposefully written like that.

Once you are fully happy with the contract and the deal, you can sign and have your car.

It doesn’t end there though. You might want to look up some aftercare tips for maintenance reasons. It might make the difference between being stranded and waiting for a tow, and fixing things yourself.

If you’re feeling a bit decorative, you can also have a look for car accessories online to brighten it up. You can even make your car smell like maple syrup with a candle. Just don’t go for the furry dice. They’re beyond a joke at this point.

So there we have it. The geek’s guide to buying a car. It doesn’t seem that hard when laid out like this, does it? Having the internet on your side means you can’t go wrong. Have fun driving!

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