Creating The Ultimate Crib

Are you a big fan of MTV Cribs? Are you eager to follow in the footsteps of rappers, baseball players and reality stars and create your own unique home? If you’re desperate to take your crib to the next level and live in the lap of luxury, here are some design ideas.

Perfect pools
Nothing sets the scene for a house that dreams are made of like an outdoor pool. If you’re desperate to impress, and you are channelling celebrity style, go for a pool with a difference. Inject some colour or go for a whacky shape. Personalise your pool with mosaic tiles, or add a slide or two. Dot some sun beds around the terrace and plant some palms. Add a custom-designed bar with sumptuous loungers and hammocks for a laid-back Caribbean vibe.

Grand gardens
The pool may be the star of the show, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go grand in the gardens. Think water features, monuments and ornate flower beds for a romantic Italian theme. If you’re a sports lover, turn a boring backyard into a football pitch or a basketball court. Add a hot tub and some neon lights to your decking area if you love to entertain. After partying the night away, head to your tranquil Japanese oasis, complete with floating lily pads and outdoor yoga mats. Take some time out to rest and recover.

Movie night
With your own home theater, you can invite all your friends round for a movie night with a difference. Install some cinema-style seating and decorate the walls with vintage posters for the full effect. Lay out some bowls of chips and popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show.

Home gym
If you’re a fitness fan, but you’re not keen on exercising with a crowd, a home gym is a must. Convert a standard spare room or create a new outdoor suite. Invest in some gym equipment and enjoy pumping iron in style. Add a vending machine and a changing room to finish off your custom-designed workout area.

Oversized bathrooms
You often see bathrooms that are bigger than bedrooms on reality TV shows. If you’re a fan of a hot bubble bath, why not invest in an oversized tub? Go for opulent vintage designs with wrought iron feet for a vintage French feel. Or opt for a Jacuzzi bath with a wall-mounted TV and coloured lights for a more modern vibe.

The closet
A crib is not a crib without a walk in wardrobe that’s big enough to house racks of shoes, bags and clothing. Carry the theme of your home into your closet and try and be as organised as possible. Stick to a system and keep on top of tidying. Clear out your wardrobe on a regular basis and donate anything you no longer want to charity.

Over the top designs are not for everyone, but Cribs has definitely inspired a movement. If you want to take your home to the next level and live in 5-star luxury, these ideas may inspire you.

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