The Best Limited Edition PS4 Consoles Available

The PlayStation 4 is the latest console from Sony and is capable of playing all the latest games. It's a very powerful games console which can display high resolution graphics. When buying a PS4 you can buy the console by itself, or as part of a bundle. Some of the bundles come with special limited edition consoles which are customised for a specific theme. This guide will look at the best limited edition PS4 consoles available at the moment.

Batman PS4

Batman is one of the most famous superheros of all time. That's why the batman special edition PS4 is such a popular choice. The bundle includes the latest Batman Arkham knight game and a very special looking PS4. The console itself is finished in steel grey with a nice batman design on the side. It also comes with some really nice bonus features including an amazing limited edition comic book.

Call Of Duty Special Edition PS4

Call of Duty is a very popular PS4 game and if you're a fan you will want to buy the special edition console. The bundle includes the latest Call of Duty Black Ops III game. The console itself looks great, it is finished in a blacn and orange design to tie in with the game. It looks quite a retro console with this style.

Starwars Limited Edition Playstation 4

If you are a starwars fan then you will simply love the limited edition starwars PS4 console. The console itself is decorated with a Darth Vader graphic and a lovely starwars logo etched onto the console. Even the Dualshock controller has been customised and features the starwars etched logo.

These limited edition PS4 console bundles make owning the latest PlayStation even more special. They are available from all the leading retailers, including Game, Argos and Amazon. These retailers offer many different payment options from buy now pay later to pay weekly on a PS4. Don't delay though, these are limited edition consoles and won't be around for long.

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