Great Ways To Capture Holiday Memories

I love travelling and holidays – who doesn’t? Getting out of your usual environment feels like a refresh to the system, and gives you some much needed “me” time. Although wonderful, a lot of my holidays feel like they were over in a flash! One of my biggest regrets is not capturing some of those wonderful memories like I could’ve. Here are some great ways to take your holiday home with you.

The first thing I’ll suggest is scrapbooking. If you’ve got young kids who you like to keep occupied, then this is a brilliant way to do it. When you introduce them to all the cutting and sticking involved in putting together a scrapbook, they’ll be overjoyed! Just make sure you’re gathering enough material on your trip. From maps to leaflets to postcards to coins, it can all go in! My only caution is to make sure the kids aren’t completely in charge of the operation. You’ll need to put some time aside to make sure they don’t glue their hands together, or make a mess that forfeits your hotel deposit!

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Probably the most obvious way to capture the memories of holidays is through photos and videos. Bringing a camera of some kind is already a given, especially if you’re going on a particularly adventurous vacation. As you go from place to place, take as many photos as possible. Another time, when you’re reminiscing about your trip, all those lovely memories will be right there on your computer. You may also want to look at some handheld camcorders, and make a video of your trip. Nothing makes the memories come back quite like seeing them repeated! If you’re feeling a little retro, you might want to have your pictures printed and keep them in a lovely photo album. I think there’s something pretty special about being able to reach for one of these and flick through them.

Finally, souvenirs. Okay, everything I suggested is technically a souvenir. You know what I mean though! When I say “souvenir”, you might think I’m telling you to spend a fortune in tacky, touristy shops. While there may be some things you really should buy, some of the best souvenirs are free. On a shelf behind me, there’s a dried starfish I took from the Mediterranean Sea. Whenever one of my friends goes abroad, she picks up a rock and labels it with the name of the country. Literally anything you’re not able to get at home is a great way to capture the memories of your trip. I find it makes the souvenir even better if it’s tied to a specific day or memory. Sometimes, even a beer mat advertising a foreign brand can become a treasure!

These are all great ways for capturing the memories of your travels, but it doesn’t stop there! Painting, keeping a diary and anything else you can think of are great ideas. Just don’t get too caught up in finding something to bring back. You might miss the whole trip!

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