What Makes Toyotas Such Great Family Cars?

Buying a family car is not like buying a car for any other kind of purpose. You’re thinking beyond the excitement of the drive and even the car itself. You’re thinking about what value it can add to your life, how it can make it easier and how much it costs. That’s why, thinking utility and long-term, we’ve concluded that Toyota might be one of the best. The Japanese titan of a brand has a sterling reputation when it comes to manufacturing cars. But we know it deserves one for manufacturing family cars, too. Here are just a few of the reasons Toyota’s make great family cars.

Fuel efficiency
The head of the family has a lot of reasons to care about fuel efficiency. First of all, fuel costs a lot. Especially if you live in the city where you have to use a lot of it. Secondly, we all have that lingering voice reminding us we really should try live more sustainably for our kids’ future. That’s why Toyota are well worth considering. After all, their Prius practically led the hybrid revolution.

With our kids’ future in mind, we want to make sure we keep them nice and healthy for it. Which is why safety is another huge priority for a family car. One you’re well covered with when it comes to Toyota. Few manufacturers are as thorough in their car safety testing as Toyota. Few also go to the lengths in introducing new safety technologies as well. Toyota is amongst the first adopting crash preventing auto-brake technologies. The same technologies could be the standard in years to come.

If you’re getting something for the whole family, it better be able to go the distance. There’s no tolerating something that’s likely to break down or start losing pieces if you’re taking it around town all day. Reliability is key for any busy family. Reliability is also what Toyota happens to be most known for. Indeed, in Consumer Reports’ 2016 study, it was Toyota and Lexus that topped the brands in ‘reliability’.

Resale value
The safety and reliability of a Toyota mean that it’s going to be operational and doing just fine for years to come. For some people, that’s enough to convince them. For others, they want to know that their money’s going somewhere. Those people will be glad to hear that Toyota ranks amongst the highest when it comes to resale value. Not only are you buying a car, you’re making sure you’ll get some money back out of it when you’re done.

Safety isn’t the only place where Toyota are putting their research money. They might not be the flashiest cars, but they are doing some great things with technology. Lots of Toyotas have convenience and entertainment technology close to the level of the luxury brands. They’re even looking at ways that your car can change its looks to fit your personal tastes. Even displaying detailed information of how your car is doing on a digital display.

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