Ways to Show Love to your Children

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Showing your children that you love them is very important. A child that experience parents or guardian love tend to perform well in school and his/her self-esteem is improved. They become courageous and hence they enjoy their social life too. You might love your kid so much, but without you expressing your love towards him, they will not realize it. Here is how you can show your little ones that you love them. 

1. Show them, unconditional love

Let your kids know that your love toward them is unconditional. So whether they perform poorly in their studies or misbehave in one way or the other, always assure them of your love and encourage them that they can do better.

2. Tough love

Again, tough love is required even if they won’t understand it at the moment. Set some rules for them and let them become responsible from the word go. Discipline them when they misbehave to make them good and responsible people in future. Believe it or not, there will come a time when they'll learn to appreciate your tough love.

 3. Use the language of love

Show your kids that you love them by talking to them in a lovely way. Call them by sweet nicknames such as darling and sweetheart, whenever you’re addressing to them. See Cute Names To Call A Girl. Again, it’s good sometimes you learn to be a ‘yes’ mama or daddy. That is; agreeing on anything they say provided it won’t harm them in any way. They will love it!

4. Show them affection

Hugging and kissing your kids is the best way to express your love to your little ones. Make it a habit to embrace them before you part ways in the morning and in the evening when you meet. Children will really enjoy this and they’ll see how much you care for them.

5. Special occasions

Make sure not to forget any of their special occasions such as birthdays. Buy them the gift that they like and have them call their friends to enjoy together. Other occasions such as school events should not be skipped in any way.

6. Listen to them

Listen carefully to your kids whenever they want to talk to you without interrupting them. Many parents do dismiss or ignore when their kids are speaking to them which is very wrong. So pay attention to whatever he is telling you and consider his opinions too. Give them also a chance to make their own choices depending on their age. E.g. A 5-year-old can decide what he wants to take during the breakfast.

7. Teach them, spiritual love

Teach them about the spiritual love and let them know their creator love them more all the time. Teach them to love their neighbor, love each other and to always stay at peace with others. Pray for them too as they listen.

Assure your kids of your love all the time by simply telling them ‘I love you’ every day. It is a short phrase but has a big effect when used effectively. Other small things like dropping them at their school instead of using the bus, will make you connect and they will see how much you care for them.

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