Learning Kentico: Custom Module not showing in Custom Applications (CMS Desk)

So I was trying to create the Doctors Appointment custom module exercise now after I have practiced creating a custom module (CompanyAlRitch) based on the video from the Kentico course. 

I have followed all the steps and I was wondering why the Doctor class or the new module I have created is not showing in the Custom Applications in (CMS Desk).
Screenshot below. 
custom module not showing in cms desk applications
custom module not showing (click to enlarge)

What did I miss? As you see in the screenshot, the Office and Employees are showing. How about the Doctor? So I checked again: 
  • checked if I set it as a Global Application - DONE
  • they said to rebuild since I put the custom classes inside the Kentico project (App code) - DONE
  • checked the video from the Kentico course over and over again if I missed any step - DONE
  • lastly, I resorted to deleting the module again and creating a new one - DONE
But it is still not showing. Toinks! :(

So I searched in Kentico Devnet and you know what I missed? I didn't assign it to the correct site (Medio Clinic site) Whatta! Small thing to overlook but it gave me a headache. Hehehe. 

Anyway, thanks for this post - it gave me an idea where to check. This was not mentioned in the Kentico course because the example was a web app. So guys, don't forget this also. 

assign site to custom module
assign site to a custom module (click to enlarge)

Till next time! 

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