Learning Kentico: How to Fix Cannot connect to target: connect ECONNREFUSED issue

This is just a quick post about something I learned today. Not Kentico related but I'm glad to be able to know this while I am learning Kentico. Yep, when you encountered issues and all that stuff!

So I was trying to launch my local copy using Chrome but for some reason, it says that the "Debugger operation is taking a long time to complete. Click "Cancel" to stop waiting and terminate process". 

Then this window pop-ups that I cannot connect to run time process, timeout after 10000 ms. Reason: Cannot connect to target: connect ECONNREFUSED issue (see screenshot below)

cannot connect to target connect econnrefused
Econnrefused issue (click image to enlarge)

So I wondered why I can't launch it using Chrome now (it used to work). So I restarted my computer and try again, but it still fails me. I tried to search for solution online but suggested solution seems to make me have a nosebleed like this stuff found here. There must have been something wrong that I've done. 

And yes, my instinct is right. I should not enable the Script Debugging. I found it when trying to switch to different browser. When I click disabled, all is good now.  :) So this is now NOTED. :) Ok back to learning! (Good luck to myself!)

script debugging disabled
Script debugging disabled (click image to enlarge)

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