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Alternative Ways To Study A Degree

Higher education is now more accessible than ever before. There are all kinds of ways to study a degree that could offer added experience or simply allow more flexibility. Here are just a few examples of alternative ways to study for those that don’t want to take the traditional route. 

Study abroad 

Studying abroad can be a great opportunity to travel and gain an education. It’s popular for those learning another language to study abroad so that they can immerse themselves in the foreign culture. That said, there are many English-speaking degrees abroad such as these computer science courses in India that could be great for those wanting access to top quality education whilst getting the opportunity to experience life in another country. Some courses abroad can even be cheaper even with travel expenses added on top. 

Study online 

There are many online courses such as this public safety degree that could allow you to study from home. Such courses can be worked around other commitments as you can study them in your free time. Online courses can also save money if you don’t want the fees of living on campus. 

Take a sandwich course 

Sandwich courses involve one year of work experience. This can be great for giving you on-the-job skills to put on your CV as well as a degree. Courses such as this accounting sandwich course may even be able to find a placement for you, whilst others may require you to find a year’s experience yourself. 

Take an accelerated course 

Accelerated courses can be completed in two years rather than three – by not including holidays, you’ll have less time for individual study, but ultimately this could allow you to complete the course more quickly. This could be great if you’re facing a career switch that requires getting a degree, but can’t face three whole years of studying. Make sure that you have the dedication to study one of these courses as they can be a lot more intense than standard courses. 

Take a sponsored course

If you can’t afford a degree and don’t want to get into student debt, you could always try and look for a sponsored degree. These are courses paid for by a company with the condition that you then must work for that company once you’ve completed and passed the course. Such courses can often allow you access into great career fields, but may not be ideal for everyone if you’ve got a specific career in mind. Sponsored courses often have limited places, which can make them fairly competitive – you’ll likely have to do an interview for the company, so bear this in mind.

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