Don’t Let Car Repair Bills Drive You Into Debt

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Car repairs often aren’t cheap – if you’re tired of having to borrow money to pay for vehicle repairs, why not try some of these methods to help you spend less. 

Shop around for repairs 

Whilst some car repair centres offer loyalty rates, you should always shop around for quotes from other repair centres just in case. If you know the fault, many technicians will be able to give a quote over the phone. There are also sites that can allow you to compare repair centre costs in your area.

Buy your own parts 

If you need a part replaced, it’s possible you may be able to save money by sourcing this part yourself online. Car repair centres often aim to make a profit on any parts they order in. Try to use reputable parts sites and be careful of partially worn used parts – in the case of tires or brake pads you could only get a couple months out of them before having to replace them again. 

Try your own DIY repairs 

Whilst you shouldn’t attempt all car repairs yourself, there are many easy fixes that could be worth trying if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. There are online guides and tutorials that can help you with many small jobs such as replacing a headlight bulb or even replacing a brake pad. In many cases, this could save you a lot of money as you won’t be paying a service charge. That said, you should weigh up the cost of buying parts and tools. Don’t forget to consider friends and family who may have mechanic experience or tools that you can use to save money. 

Know what you’re legally entitled to 

Your car insurance company may be able to pay for repairs for you if the damage wasn’t your fault. Make sure that you get the compensation you deserve by contacting your insurer within 48 hours of the damage occurring (many insurers won’t pay up if you leave it any longer). In some cases where you may have received an injury in a car accident, you may even be able to make a legal claim that could help to cover repair costs. Not all car accident lawyers are expensive – read this if you are worried that you can’t afford a car accident lawyer. If a used car was sold to you under false pretences that it had been serviced, also consider whether you can sue the previous owner or dealer. 

Use the 50% rule 

There are some cases where you could be better off cutting your losses and getting a new vehicle. The 50% rule is worth sticking by – if repairs cost more than half the value of the car, you should probably consider buying a new vehicle. You may be able to sell the car for scrap and get some money out of it. Here is just one company that will buy your car for scrap.

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