3 Reasons You Shouldn't Drive A Car In A Busy City

Driving is one of life's best conveniences. There’s no need to depend on anyone else if you need to get from A to B - and maybe even to C after that - then having a car is more than useful. 

Having said that, there are definitely times where you may regret getting in your car for a drive. One of the most common examples is driving in a busy city. I don’t think they’re fit for cars, and here’s why: 

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Much Harder To Get Around 

I think the main disadvantage of driving in the city is that it's just generally harder to get around. A lot of major cities are aiming to reduce the number of cars on their roads as it causes way too much congestion. This basically means you’ll be stuck in traffic for ages trying to get around. Instead, most cities are now trying to build public transport systems that make it so easy to navigate a city that there’s almost no point in owning a car. As it says here https://www.lifehack.org/517515/getting-around-big-city-the-dos-and-donts, subways are usually a very cheap and easy way of getting around. If the city you’re in has one, then it makes sense to use it as it’ll get you from A to B a lot faster than driving. 

More Chance Of Accidents 

Once again, the congestion in a busy city is a problem as it means you can quickly end up in a car accident. As it mentions here https://attorneyguss.com/services/louisiana-car-accident-lawyer, as roadways rapidly become congested, car accidents are more common. It’s a simple law of averages; if there are thousands of cars all moving in the same small area, then a few accidents are bound to happen. It’s not only the serious ones that are a cause for concern, but you can also get into lots of minor ones here and there too. Whether it’s your wing mirror being clipped, your rear end getting bumped, or the side of your car getting grazed as another vehicle tries to squeeze passed; accidents happen! To avoid all the stress and drama that comes as a result of a crash, don’t drive in the city. 

traffic, city traffic

Far More Expensive 

I mentioned earlier that subway systems are popular as they’re cheaper ways of getting around. The fact is, driving a car in a city is very expensive. Some cities even have congestion charges that mean you have to pay money to drive in certain areas. Then, you have to think about parking. For one, it’s so hard to find parking in busy cities. Moreover, it’s usually costly. So, if you drive around, you’re most likely going to spend a lot of money. 

If you love driving, then you should probably keep your car away from busy cities that are really congested. As an alternative, if you hate public transport, then you could buy a motorcycle instead. They allow you to get around with a lot more ease as they’re more nimble and can traverse through traffic jams. Plus, as I mentioned in my article here https://www.onlinediaryofalritch.com/2018/07/3-reasons-to-buy-motorcycle.html, they just make life more interesting! 

The bottom line is; driving in a city is hell, so look for alternative methods to stay safe, save money, and save time.

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