Sources of Inspiration When Planning a Wedding

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Planning a wedding is by no means a small feat. There are all sorts of things that you need to plan, purchases that you need to make, and arrangements that need to be kept to. Sometimes it can become easy to feel a little lost in the whole affair. Perhaps the hardest part of planning a wedding is knowing what you actually want and how you want things to pan out. Some people have planned their wedding since they were a child, so they can simply start bringing their plans to life. But the vast majority of us probably haven’t thought all too much about our big day until we’re actually engaged and the pressure is on to start pulling things together. But not to worry. Sometimes you just need to gather a little inspiration to start coming up with ideas in regards to forming expectations for your big day. Here are just a few sources of inspiration that could help to give you a push in the right direction! 

Celebrity Weddings 

Celebrity engagements are always splashed across the media. In fact, different publications will often battle it out to get exclusive coverage of particular celebs’ special day. Now, the majority of us won’t have the budget to completely replicate celeb weddings, but you can draw a lot of inspiration from them. Keep an eye out for different colour schemes, themes, and show stopping entertainment that appeal to you and try to recreate them within your budget. If you see a celebrity have a huge fireworks display amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars on the eve of their big day, you could recreate this with a more humble array of fireworks. There are also plenty of features in celeb weddings that don’t actually cost all too much, such as chocolate fondues, table decorations, or seat sashes, so you could implement the exact same steps into your day too. 


Pinterest is a world of inspiration. This website allows you to search for pretty much anything, then provides you with a seemingly endless series of aesthetically pleasing images of whatever it may be that you searched for. You can then “pin” these images onto your personal boards, allowing you to check back on them for reference later down the line. Alternatively, you can browse other people’s boards. Just find someone who seems to have similar taste to you and you can find ready made boards with hundreds of ideas in a matter of moments. You can take a look at some of the most popular wedding boards on the site here

These are just a couple of sources of inspiration that you could lean back on when it comes to planning your own wedding. Sure, you’ll probably want to put your personal touch on things once you’ve got your ideas together. But the ideas that you draw from celeb weddings or Pinterest boards really can serve as brilliant starting blocks!

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