Top 3 Things I Love About My Childhood

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Nostalgia seems to be a trend that will simply never go away. Television series set in the 80s have grown in popularity over the past few years. Practically everything with a 90's reference seems to go viral. From old movies getting rehashed to old fashion trends being trendy again, the past is here to stay. We all love to reminisce, after all. I for one am delighted to talk about the things I love about my childhood. 

I have just finished watching a season of Stranger Things. It is what inspires this feeling of nostalgia. And it made me look back on the things that I love about my childhood. I can go on and on about those, but these are the 3 things I loved the most: 

Playing board games with the family 

Among the top things I love about my childhood is spending time indoors playing board games with the family. Back then, we do not have social media or smartphones, so we rely heavily on board games or games of our inventions to entertain us for hours on end. 

Snake and Ladder Game’s Snake and Ladders Online Game

Imagine my delight when I discovered my childhood favorite board games online. has a wide selection of games in different categories. They also have most of my favorite board games, including Chess and Snake and Ladders. Playing this now did bring me back to the time when things are a lot simpler. When nothing matters to a little girl like me than winning a board game against my brother. 

Online Word Games, Type Furious’s Type Furious Online Word Game also has an assortment of other types of games. They have Math and number games, logic games, and my favorite so far, word games. I sampled Type Furious and it brought me back to the days when I was still learning how to type in high school. I was mastering my typing speed using a very similar game. 

Spending time with my relatives 

A photo from our family reunion

My parents love entertaining visitors and guests at home. I remember we would always have our relatives come over, especially during important occasions like Christmases, anniversaries, birthdays, or reunions. These visits would mean endless hours of fun playing with my cousins, playing parlor games with the grownups, or an impromptu concert at the videoke machine. It would also mean feasting on delicious meals and treats that my mother and cousins lovingly prepared for everybody. 

Spending time outdoors 

spending time outdoors

Photo by Manuel Inglez on Unsplash

In the 90s fun times for children meant spending hours outdoors with our playmates. We play a lot of traditional outdoor games like patintero, tumbang preso, taguan, or luksong tinik. We would also fly kites on the fields, climb trees, spend time chasing after each other, or just watch the sunset to mark the end of the day. 

On other occasions, we would gather flowers around for the summer flower festival or would go around the neighborhood playing Christmas carols so we can earn a little money to buy Christmas presents for our parents or friends. 

It is a wonderful experience to look back at the things I love about my childhood. I am always thankful to my parents for giving me a childhood that I will always fondly remember.

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