6 Ways to Stretch Your Budget When Money is Tight

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The last few years have taken their toll on everyone financially. With the global inflation rate averaging at 8.8% this year, it is no wonder that even households with regular incomes are now struggling to keep both ends meet. 

Of course, we cannot stop spending even when money is tight. We need to pay the bills even while working with a limited budget. So today, I am sharing these tips to help you stretch your budget: 

Cancel some subscriptions 

To help you cut your monthly bills, you may want to consider canceling a couple of subscriptions. Apart from water, electricity, and internet subscription, you can probably let go of some of your streaming network subscriptions to cut up some expenses on bills. You may also try to go for family packages, which are much more economical than individual ones.

Make a grocery list 

A lot of additional expenses monthly go to the grocery lists, with several items you shouldn't have been buying in the first place. Make sure to create a list when doing your groceries and stick to this list. Of course, you can always reward yourself and deviate from the list occasionally, but make sure not go over the budget. A menu plan will also make your grocery list even more effective by letting you purchase only food items for food preparation and not end up in the waste bin. 

Contemplate online loans 

Sometimes there is no choice but to consider borrowing or loaning to stretch your monthly budget. When you do, make sure to borrow online from reputable providers only to prevent being victimized by scammers posing as borrowing apps that would only end up getting your personal information and scamming your contacts. Check online reviews and posts on borrowing apps and providers to know how people's borrowing experiences went. 

Put a curb on credit card spending 

Swiping your card for any purchase is way too easy and convenient. But be mindful of additional fees and interest rates. Using a credit card can sometimes trick you into thinking you are spending wisely. But, in the end, you may spend much more than you purchased. Take advantage of zero-percent interest or free annual membership promos. But on any other occasion, it is still wise to pay for your purchases in cash. 

Look for side hustles 

Because times are hard, it is not enough that you only have one job. If you can, look for side hustles or other opportunities. That way, you can augment your regular income and add more to your budget. If you are passionate about writing, check for article writing gigs online. If you are into online shopping, look for dropshipping or reselling opportunities that allows you to put up your own business with minimum to no investment. You can also offer other services, like tutoring or teaching to play musical instruments, to your friends and colleagues. 

Help for hire 

In this day and age, time equates to money. Work smart to juggle several duties and responsibilities as a working mama or a family breadwinner. If you need to hire house help to concentrate more on your job or business, then do so. It might mean additional expenditures. But in the long run, you will earn more by focusing on your work or income opportunities while letting someone else worry about the household chores. If a house help is way over your budget, consider investing in household appliances that will help you maximize your time, like an automatic washing machine, a vacuum/steam cleaner, or a dishwasher.

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