Thursday, November 26, 2015

Bric's Luggage – Compare This Luxury Company's Iconic Collections

Bric's is an Italian luggage designer and producer that has established itself as one of the very best creators in its industry. With historical roots, it's been able to grow and become an international success, thanks to the company's evolving interpretation of the latest trends in fashion, durability, and functionality. Travellers would be hard-pressed to find a better brand when it comes to suitcase sets that give you all of the storage you need and the style you want. 

What are this luxury company's iconic collections all about? Check out the short comparison below to learn more. 


Bric's Bellagio Spinner Trunk was ranked one of Fodor's best checked luggage for 2014. This collection is offered in a range of colours that both men and women will love, and you can choose from several different trunks of various sizes, complete with handy wheels and telescoping handles for ease of use when travelling for long stretches of time. The hard and tough exterior means these are durable pieces, yet they are surprisingly lightweight. 


The Bojola collection is a bit more feminine, coming in an iconic cream colour. These soft-sided suitcases are just as durable and easy to clean, as well as lightweight and easy to carry or pull on wheels, as Bric's other collections. You can choose from a variety of items in this collection too, from trolleys and spinners, to duffles and shave cases. 


The Life collection is a bit more masculine in appearance, with darker hues of cognac and olive. These soft-sided pieces are designed to be functional and lightweight, and they're made using easy-to-clean PVC that's sueded and trimmed with Tuscan leather, making them super chic. 

Thursday, October 08, 2015

A Commercial Shoot (Behind the Scenes)

I'm excited to tell you that I'm part of a commercial that will soon air on TV and below are some of the behind the scene pics. :) 

My call slip :)

Although I am not on the lead role but having this exposure is already a blessing and I'm so thankful to my friend, classmate and director - Mr. Angelo Mag-aso. Thanks again Magssss!

Day 1 - Studio Shoot  

My first scene (during the graduation of the students). I am their teacher. Hehe. PD was fixing my uniform that time before the director says. "ACTION!". Hehe. :) 

Friday, October 02, 2015

A Celebration of Happiness

Picture, picture! (wedding of Mona) 

So many things had happened. I wanted to write them right away here. But laziness just always strikes me ! Arrgghh..

Anyway, I'm in the mood right now and I just want to make a quick update on how's life and give you the reasons why I called this a celebration of happiness :)


Two of my college classmates got married alredy. Yep? As in naunahan pa nila ako. Imagine? Kailan kaya ang sa akin? But I'm super happy for them. They have finally found their Mr. Right! 

July 15 -  it was my first time to attend a wedding ceremony. This was the wedding of Grace, one of my closest friends in College.  I couldn't help myself but to cry especially the part where she entered the chapel and her parents were waiting. 

With my college classmates (wedding of Grace)

August 29 - I attended the wedding of Mona. She married a handsome and young Danish guy Hehe. I represented Mona's girlfriends who will do the speech. Yeah! First time ko rin and medyo kabado especially that I will have to talk in English. Hehe. Okay naman at nalampasan ko rin siya. I shared the time when Mona and I had a deal of who will get married first. She was really sure that it will be me. 

And after the wedding, we decided to have a videoke with my classmates. Oh how I missed this! Sayang, hindi lahat ng Clan B present. I think it was 2010 na parang kumpleto kami lahat.