Akira's shy confession in Nobuta Wo Produce

I finished watching the whole episodes of Nobuta wo Produce last night and it was just fantastic! Whew! A very refreshing story because I am already sick of the usual Filipino drama. Same old concept and copycats kasi eh. (Forgive me for that).

Anyways, just want to share you guys the part where I was so touched on how Akira proclaim how he truly love Nobuta. Though he is still shy to confess it but at least he shouted and did this unusual thing. (Sighed)

I will just have to tell you the scene: Akira asked Shuji to come with him to school. There was no class that time so they were the only two persons around. Akira went to the office where you page something, do record, film and stuff like that. He was on air and with the microphone with him he shouted: "Nobuta, I love you".

Akira continued and said the following:

I like the book that you read. I like the sidewalk you walk. I like the top floor where you are. I like everywhere where you are. I love it. So so, I'll sing for Nobuta.

Shuji was listening the whole time. He was walking, passing by different classrooms while listening to Akira's shy confession. He was even more suprised when Akira sang. Oh gossh, Akira is madly inlove! Nobuta is such a lucky girl.

Jaahhh..what if you find someone who is madly inlove with you? What a bliss! especially if you like the guy also. Hmmmnn...I hope I was able to describe it well to you guys on how I find this scene so romantic. You should really watch Nobuta Wo Produce. Definitely a MUST SEE!!!

Photo taken from the Enders Girrrl Website

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