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Why our total Google Adsense Earnings has changed?

As I checked my Google Adsense account yesterday, I was so shocked to see that my total Google Adsense Earnings has changed. As I remember, I only have 15 dollars left to reach the minimum pay-out ($100) but now, what happened? See image below:

Google Adsense, Adsense Earnings, Adsense Problem (just click to view large image)

The only thing that comes in my mind was, I just integrated Google Analytics application into my Google Adsense account. And I believe it doesn't have something to do with the dropping right?

So I've tried checking some links where I could contact Google about this problem. And I've found out that it is not only I who is experiencing this weird changed on our total earnings but also these guys from Adsense Help forum. Whew! I am a bit relieved. I just hope my real earnings will be back the soonest so that I could withdraw the money by next month and at least reduce my payables. Darn! Economy tanks and life is getting so hard nowadays especially if you are the only one working. I reallly need to find other ways to earn and provide the needs of my family. I am not just a regular single you know.

Anyway enough of that one. Google hasn't released any official statement about this problem yet so stay tune for updates. But if you do first find the answer to Why our Google Adsense total earnings has changed, please drop the link immediately here so that we will all be enlighten and relieve to this Adsense earnings problem. Okidokies? Thanks ahead.

Good to be back blogging! I miss you guys.


  1. It might be a bug in their system. There are some speculations but I think this link might explain better.

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  2. wow.. can you link me up??

  3. dropping by.. howdy te almz..


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