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Man of Steel Movie Review

Technology today makes anything possible, specifically on the big screen – the cinema. It is sad however, that special effects sometimes become deciding and defining factors in labeling movies as ‘good’.

I saw ‘Man of Steel’ with an open mind. (I say this because I am a Christopher Reeves fan – the second and longest running actor of the Superman franchise.) I allowed myself to watch it out of curiosity, having heard from several colleagues it was a good movie.

Right from the start, I questioned the movie storyline. Was this movie meant to re-write the life of Superman / Clark Kent? In the past, Clark was never a bum, a disillusioned, semi-philosopher who searched for the meaning of his life. He was a bumbling, clumsy news reporter who has conviction and principle. The clumsiness of course, was just a front, to cover for his true superhero self.

I also don’t understand why his father’s death was re-written. Truth be told, his father has died in at least 5 different ways in various medium – TV, movie and comics – but each and every time, Jonathan Kent died of a heart attack and never because of a storm. Why was his cause of death changed?

The movie was not a total disappointment, however. The visual effects were very impressive and realistic that it had everyone at the edge of their seats. The fight scenes were practical and refreshing – it showed a vulnerable Superman instead of an invincible one.

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  1. I too appreciate special affects, however the writing and plot is painfully lame.
    Fortunately Man of Steel cleaned up pretty nicely, providing us "old school" fans with a bit of eye candy in between the tedium.

  2. I agree Julie. Thanks for dropping by. :)


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