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Simon Cowell Egged on Britain's Got Talent

To everyone who’s ever been on the receiving end of Simon Cowell’s cutting criticisms, justice has been served - in an egg. The famous acerbic judge, known for serving cynical and sometimes even cruel feedback was egged yesterday, 10 June, during a live, on air finale for Britain’s Got Talent.

Viewers at home and inside the studio were mesmerized, watching two brothers performing when a viola player suddenly stepped between them and started throwing eggs at the judges. The woman successfully pelted a few at her intended target before security could escort her off stage. The camera then swivels and sees Simon sans jacket, perhaps now a bit soggy with egg yolk.

The woman has now been identified as Natalie Holt, a member of the brothers’ backing group. It has also been revealed that Holt had been a contestant last year, without much success. Holt apparently resents Cowell’s influence in reality show contests where judges mercilessly criticize participants.

The police have been called but no charges have been filed as of this writing.

WATCH VIDEO BELOW: (Watch it till the very end to see the action)

Image taken from the Philly Website

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