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World War Z Movie Review

I'm initially not a fan of horror movies. Things changed, however when I began watching ‘The Walking Dead'. I was hooked to the adrenalin rush! But let me make it clear – I don’t like slasher films – with the exception of my favorite TV series, Dexter. ( Who can resist that primal need for vengeance?)

I classify slasher films as those that have their characters die, one after another, dropping out of the movie like flies. Senseless deaths, even more absurd serial killer motives and blood – buckets and buckets of it. Slasher films often try to pass themselves off as horror movies when all they really do is try to creep viewers out with badly executed storylines.

This was what I expected, when I saw World War Z. I half expected to find a half familiar story – Resident Evil meets Walking Dead meets Night / Dawn of the Living Dead meets 28 Days. I was pleasantly wrong however and I soon found myself gripping the edges of my seat, empathizing with movie characters and squealing like a little girl.

World War Z is unexpectedly good. For a zombie apocalypse movie, it is classy with none of the blood and gore other zombie movies have been known for. The chase scenes are more practical and the look and feel of the zombies are more believable. World War Z has pushed the ticket, as far as zombie movies go and has introduced viewers to a more realistic and plausible zombie armageddon.

Perhaps the only negative thing I can say for the movie is how the ending becomes anti climatic. Spoiler alert here – but after the cure has been found, the movie gets a bit sleepy and dragging – good thing it happens near the end. All in all however, World War Z has been one of the best horror / suspense / thriller zombie movies I’ve ever seen.

World War Z is now showing nationwide. Catch it at any theaters near you.

Image taken from the Nerd Locker Website

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